Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Poem: Contemplation on a Word

Wherever it is that souls go
When our bodies have burned
Through their time alotted ―
Which is such a small fragment
Of eternity, that our small suffering
And pain should hardly matter
Relatively speaking, that ephemeral
They are ― I am already part
There and stand with you
Even during those moments
You forget your origins ―
So what, if my head
Is occasionally in the clouds.
If you ever stop to feel a presence
Beside you in those moments
When frustration, impatience,
Fear, greed, or anger overwhelm you
With conditions and circumstances,
Maybe that is me, or that part of me
That matters, but is not matter.
More likely its all of us though,
Standing together, the small story
That is humanity forgotten,
Merely echoes, in the solid love
That is Always.


Luna said...

wave your toes in the pond of love
that is what we came for

"I vow to know the truth." his words

who's truth??? I ask
there is more than one truth
there is a truth to everything
it overlaps in love

it ripples out of us
I see it
your words paint it

so glad your wonderful wave is back friend :)

Happi said...

Thanks June :)