Friday, July 16, 2010

Reflections: Visiting Antaiji - Docho-san on Kinhin

At one point recently, using more than one question, I asked Docho-san if there was anything he would share about kinhin. His approximate responses as I recall them included:

Just walk.

After you get going, intention doesn't need to enter into it.

You are going around in a circle.

Observe how you interact with those around you. Adjust your speed or step length so that you maintain spacing.

Dang! Now that's realistic!


Jordan said...

The direction of the body should be up. The nose should be in line with the bellybutton, eye-sockets and ears horizontal, in line with the shoulders. Do not slouch or hyperextend the back. begin breathing in on the up step and out on the down-step, after that allow the breath to regulate itself naturally.

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Happi said...

What I got out of Docho-san's comments, that seems in accord with the rest of my Antaiji experience, was the importance of letting go of 'self' in favor of the Sangha. That was stressed to a greater degree at Antaiji than I've previously encountered.

That's not to say one should be forgetful of orientation, posture, and, to a lesser degree perhaps, breath.


Happi said...

...'That's not to say one shouldn't be mindful of orientation, posture, and, to a lesser degree perhaps, breath.' is what I meant to say.

Jordan said...

You make it sound like Antaiji might be a good place to practice.

Mindfulness has often been equated to remembering, particularly when you translate the Sanskrit smṛti it can be read as remembrance.

Happi said...

From my limited experience with monasteries, I would venture that Antaiji pretty unique. As long as we're getting into definitions, practicing there seems to depend on the extent you let go of mind so Antaiji practices you. That might be closer to maintaining a constant sense of awareness or presence. Thanks... again.