Friday, October 15, 2010

Antaiji Update - Abundance

Just got this email from Antaiji. Its nice to feel connected.

Hello everyone connected to Antaiji!

Thanks to a long and very hot summer this year, we had lots of tomatoes and eggplants. Now we are harvesting potatoes, and the carrots and daikon radish are slowly growing thicker.

There is a Japanese saying that "The more abundant the rice grain, the lower it would hang its head"

Antaiji's rice used to be famous for always keeping its head high even in the strongest taiphoon, but this year the rice harvest was so abundant, that for the first time in 20 years many of the plants fell over because their heads were so heavy.

This year we will release the Antaiji yearbook again at the end of November, and as every year, everyone who lived at Antaiji this year, or who contributed to last year's yearbook, is invited to write an article. The deadline is November 6th.

If this is the first time you contribute, you can have a look at last year's version at

You do not have to write in English though. Any language is OK, any topic is OK.

We are looking forward to your contribution,

Muho and the rest of Antaiji


Ted Biringer said...

Dear Happi,

Thank you for sharing this...

...and for your continuing practice-enlightenment.


Happi said...

Hi Ted -

I've been appreciating your posts over on FLATBED SUTRA for quite awhile... just keep in mind I am a student of Zen and a beginning one at that!

Thanks for signing on and for the encouragement!