Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reflections: My Music Selection for Tonight and an exercise in Awareness

I said in an earlier post on the clear mirror that during zazen:

- We learn that mind percieves and processes experience. We learn that mind functions not only to generate thoughts and emotions but also is the source of awareness that is our experience of emptiness and all things.
- We learn to watch our own minds and discover that mind contains the seeds for everything that is expressed in the universe.
- We realize that everything in existence is from the same universal source.
- We learn to accept the things we can't change with equanimity.

Besides sitting another way I've realized that everything in in existence is from the same universal source is through my love for almost any type of music -- although I admit some forms have taken me awhile to develop a taste for. Tonight I'm listening to the following selection from Fila Brazillia. I particularly like the YouTube clip that goes along with it which is kind of reminiscent of Koyaanisqatsi with images from the Guardian website. Clips like these remind me of the greater beauty in the Universe we all take part in -- usually without being aware of it:

A little mind trip people might enjoy taking themselves on is to watch the clip and try to place yourself into each of the scenes. What I realize when I do this is that in each place I am the same awareness. And in each scene each person is busy with whatever they're doing, but the overarching awareness is the same for each person, including myself...

And you.

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