Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reflections: Dreaming about Zazen

Last night I startled myself awake from a dream in which I was sitting. The whole dream was a little strange.

To my consternation, at the end of a round of kinhin, I couldn't find my zafu and zabuton. I remember looking around and feeling a little lost. At which point Hojo-san somehow indicated that he wanted me to get a light from upstairs.

The dream took place at Sanshin during sesshin. Maybe it indicates increasing prosperity for Sanshin, because instead of the usual number of attendees, the place was full of people zazening on all three floors of the building.


I went to the top floor and grabbed the only extra light I knew about. It was on a tripod and made a lot of noise which I found embarrassing as I lugged it downstairs. But when I arrived, my zafu and zabuton had magically reappeared. I sat for awhile and then woke up.

I think I better register for the next Genzo-e.

Besides that I find myself wondering if anyone else has ever dreamt that they were sitting.


Jordan said...

Yes, dreaming of sitting is almost as common as dreaming while sitting. Have fun with the Genzo-e

Happi said...

Makes sense. Thanks Jordan, as long as my zafu and zabuton don't disappear I likely will. Good to see your face.