Friday, April 13, 2012

Shobogenzo Ch20 (V) - Kokyo - The Round Mirror and the Clear Mirror How To Manual

A Clear Mirror How To Manual? ...I wish.

Actually though, the Clear Mirror How To Manual exists -- in the form of the round mirror. The round mirror is just a version of the eternal mirror -- preferences, aversions, intuitions, attachments, and choices. Whatever draws us to this path. The round mirror is the virtue of the buddhas and bodhisattvas independent of time and experience. One of my favorite passages in Kokyo describes the round mirror:

The master was born from the womb, and as the master appeared from the womb the round mirror came and naturally manifested itself before the master, and became like an everyday tool. The form of this round mirror is not ordinary: when the child approaches, he seems to be holding up the round mirror before him with both hands, yet the child’s face is not hidden. When the child goes away, he seems to be going with the round mirror on his back, yet the child’s body is not hidden. When the child sleeps, the round mirror covers him like a flowery canopy. Whenever the child sits up straight, the round mirror is there in front of him. In sum, it follows all his movements and demeanors, active and passive. What is more, he is able to see all Buddhist facts of the past, future, and present by looking into the round mirror. At the same time, all problems and issues of the heavens above and the human world come cloudlessly to the surface of the round mirror. For example, to see by looking in this round mirror is even more clear than to attain illumination of the past and illumination of the present by reading sutras and texts.

The Clear Mirror How To Manual contains every dream, delusion, thought and experience since birth. The next step in the Clear Mirror How To Manual is your next intuition, your next wish. Wherever that wish takes you. Regardless of whether or however that wish is realized.

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