Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Life is my Own and No One Else's Business

This is not the post I've been working the last couple of days. But in a taped teisho on Sunday it was mentioned that, these days, we have access to so much information from the television and the internet that some neuroscientists have wondered whether the brain is capable of processing it all (I apologize for not knowing the source of that report at the moment). Today has been one of those days in which I've wondered if that might be a correct assessment, although I haven't actually spent that much time on-line. And the assessment may be worse than I think since much of I see these days is accompanied by information in the sidebars, which even though I don't pay attention to, may be information my brain takes in subliminally and then indirectly affects how I perceive my reality. So even though I supposedly have a choice in what information I admit into my consciousness, that's not entirely true. (I'm thankful I don't own a television or play video games on my phone which I know many people do.)

My in real life Sangha begins it's winter practice intensive at the end of January. The winter intensive is followed by a sesshin. What I've decided is that for the winter intensive I going to declare as close to internet silence as I can given my job and responsibilities (I haven't yet decided whether I will limit internet silence to workdays or also include weekends.) When sesshin ends, I hope my consciousness no longer encounters all the indirect innuendo I've been seeing. I also will be trying to decide what to do with my life, what my options are. I know I need to be around people more than I have been, the fact that I am not is part of what people, the ones who care, have been responding to.

Right now, I'm going to sit. I'm late.

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