Friday, March 11, 2016

Summer Office

This morning I decided to visit the Twitter web application settings page -- something I don't do very often since I don't have wireless. I wanted to adjust the new timeline settings and to shut down the automatic play of videos. I was also pleased to find a setting for sensitive images -- much like what I requested in my prior post. Thanks to Twitter. 

I'm grateful, though, as most people realize, not seeing a problem doesn't make it go away. And not seeing a problem isn't the same as resolving underlying conditions that create it: namely, societies that don't pay a living wage and that don't question the ethics of treating people as commodities and property. Those underlying conditions are a source of numerous difficulties throughout the world today.


In other news the lakes have thawed and my summer office is open suggesting a window for writing is approaching.

I've thought a lot on the subject of writing in the interim and realized that, although I don't mind thinking of blogging as a contribution, I do mind feeling as though none of my efforts are meaningfully directed towards improving conditions in the world. As such my blogging not only feels like a waste of time, it feels counterproductive. Speaking for myself, writing has typically been a byproduct of a different role or purpose. Writing for the sake of writing seems to require an energy that dies out when I'm as isolated as I am -- and will continue to be until I've figured out where I'm going and made a start.

So it goes.

In the meantime, try 'Get Along with your Co-workers' gum while you can:

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